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Official Gen 4 to Gen 4.5 Front End Conversion DIY (Kinda)


Ok well apparently another member was going to do this but he never got around to it so i decided to go ahead and make what I could for you guys. (Just for the record, I believe I'm the only one on the east coast with this mod.) I need to thank BlueMeanie for his help in this without him, I would have never have gotten it done.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the partial DIY for the conversion

Time: 1 Week or 1 Day if one at once

Parts and Prices: (All prices were the shipped prices.) Take out roughly 15-30 for shipping

01 Bumper:                     $52 (Discount)

01 Bumper Absorber:      $54 carpartswholesale

01 Clear Corners:            $26 makotoautotrends

01 Grille:                         $16 carpartswholesale

Toyota Silver Emblems:   $10 emblemstore

01 Halo Lights:                $105 symmic (i think)

Wiring:                            $30 12 Ga. Blue/Yellow/Green/Red/Wire Nuts/Solder/Electrical Tape/Heat Shrink Wrap/ 3 12V 87a Relays

Body Work (Paint/Install): $690

I did all the wiring myself but the bumper, lights, and corners were put on by my body shop due to some body work needed done.

The hardest part of this conversion had to have been the wiring. It took a lot of patience and planning to get it right.

Here I have included the wiring diagram necessary to go from the H4 bulbs to 9005/9005 bulbs.

(Thanx Blue Meanie)

Important note: The relay grounds need to be spliced into the headlight ground on the Driver Side. This is because it isn't a "real" ground. The grounds from the lights can be grounded to the chassis however you wish. I used the radiator support bolts myself. In addition to the relays for the lights you will need a relay to go from the lows to lows/highs. In order to do this just wire the power from the high beams into 86 and then run a wire from 87 to the power wire on the lows. All relays are connected to the battery. This relay is also grounded to the Driver Side ground. The hard part was all the diagramming and troubleshooting. I can't tell you how many times I cursed when something didn't work right. If you plan it out and work it slowly, it will turn out well.

To get the halos to work on the headlights, wire them to the parking lamp wires. The red goes to the positive power wire and the white goes to the negative connection. When your parking lamps are on, the halos are too. (Be careful when doing the wiring as you may blow a fuse. I blew the parking lamp fuse because I was not paying attention to what I was doing.

For those wondering, the halos are a blue white at night.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, I am happy to help. If you need help with the wiring pm me.

Onto pictures: (I will take some of the wiring when it gets lighter out and put them up. I will also take some night ones soon!)

Updated: (Night Shots)

Day Shots

Here is a picture for all you reflection junkies out there! (What's This?)


Comments, Concerns? PM Me randomman84 on TN/Autopia


I totally forgot to mention the fact that the headlights do not just bolt in. You have to modify the radiator support to get it to fit. The other parts were simple. Apparently, the body shop had to cut a hole in the radiator support for one of the aiming screws on both headlights. Its kind of hard to explain but I'm going put a drawing on the site tonight. On the headlights right side is a aiming screw which has this U shaped thing at the bottom. They had to cut a hole in the support for that U shaped thing. Its like an inch or something wide. and about 1/2 in depth. (Look Below For Picture)


I went and took some pictures of the wiring although they don't show much. One is the wiring itself and the other is the relays. I also took a picture of the halo wires running to the corner lamps. These pictures may not help much but something is better than nothing I guess.

I tried to take a picture of the hole they had to cut for the headlights but i cant seem to find it, so I guess you are out of luck with that one. Sorry.

(Sorry my camera was overexposing for some weird reason.)